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Cash Deposit System
Handling cash can be a time consuming and costly internal dispute. It can also be a simple and efficient procedure with minimal human involvement, giving optimal accuracy. CDS9 enables complete automation, switching your focus from cash management to value creating business.

  • Speed up the cash handling process and increase profitability
  • Stay connected with the unique SoftOne platform
  • ETSC approved coin recognition unit and note recognition following ECB framework
  • Designed with customer satisfaction and experience in focus

CDS9 Changes the Way You Look at Cash
CDS9 is the premium self-service partner for complete automation of coin deposit and note recycling. You get a secure and reliable solution with the latest technology in a modern design, combined with a mature software with optimised features. Stay on-line with full connectivity and increase the efficiency and productivity of your business.

Security in focus
The cash is securely stored in the safes which are available both as front and rear access. The machine follows the requirements stated by both ETSC and ECB framework for the EUR-zone and the latest anti manipulation technology comes with the card reader. The machines are equipped with awareness mirrors for preventing shoulder surfing and are prepared for any type of surveillance and portrait cameras, all to make usage safe and pleasant.

Designed for best customer experience
With the latest machine design the CDS9 comes with two clear and reliable 15’’ touch screens with tablet-feeling. One for the user and one on the rear side for the operator. The interaction between the user and the machine is carefully thought through with clear illuminated indicators. The overall design is well suited for best accessibility for people with disabilities.

Highest reliability and uptime
The CDS9 is built around the best coin and note technology available on the market, offering you a premium product. User interface and technology have been carefully developed, tested and verified to give trouble free operations with the absolute highest reliability and maximum uptime.

Superior Financial and Operational Control
The CDS works seamlessly with the unique monitoring software solution, SoftOne Intelligence. The solution is the ultimate management platform for superior financial and operational control of cash. It brings the very most out of your new CDS. The cash solution is also connectable to any existing network and can be monitored from any remote position. Maximize the value of your business and benefit from best-in-class cash handling technology and system.

► ERP integration ► CIT integration
► Report generation ► Financial control
► Monitoring for maximum uptime ► Automated reconciliations

Technical specification

Customer user interface
Designed with customer satisfaction and experience in focus. | Illuminated blinking arrows guide the user | 15’’ TFT LCD touch screen | Loudspeakers as additional aid | Headset jack for sound guidance | Braille on EPP

Coin processing
ETSC approved coin recognition unit | Bulk coin deposits | Coin escrow for possibility to return deposited coins | Foreign object and debris separation | Optional coin sorting for up to 8 denominations | Lockable coin tray | SCAN COIN coin acceptance module and sensors

Note processing
Note recognition following ECB framework | Fitness validation | Deposits/withdrawals of up to 200 notes in bundles | Note escrow for possibility to return deposited notes | Recycling of up to 4 denominations | Highest uptime on the market | 8 notes/sec

Note cassettes
Up to 5 cassettes | Acceptance or recycling cassettes hold up to 2,500 notes each | 4 separate compartments for retract, reject, overfill and counterfeit notes

Coin storage
Coin vault on wheels, up to 46,000 coins | Multi Bag system for 6 bags | Sorting bags or boxes for 8 denominations

Note storage: CEN IV optional GAS EX | Coin storage: 4 mm steel | Safes prepared for customer alarm systems | Anti-card trap (ACT) | Anti-skimming devices (ASD and E-ASD) | EPP | Awareness mirror | Prepared for portrait camera | Privacy filter on touch screen | Vandal resistant

Industrial fan less PC with 2xSSD | Windows® 7 | Application software Orchard Std or XFS 3.X drivers package

Other features
Numerical keypad or PCI certified EPP | Hybrid motorized card reader | EMV certified | Card retract | Card return upon power failure | Dip card reader | Receipt printer, 80 mm thermal with presenter and retract


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