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The SCAN COIN Coin Sachet System, together with the range of options and systems integrated solutions ensures that you achieve an accurate, secure and cost effective method of packaging large amounts of coin.

SCAN COIN’s range of packaging solutions is based around the BDO coin sachet machine. This unit offers user friendly controls enabling the operator to select any value of coin to be packaged in a variety of sizes in security sealed bags.

The mechanics of the machine have been specifically designed for trouble-free control and easy maintenance. A modular design for easy component replacement along with a single primary drive motor ensures that costs are kept to a minimum.

The current BDO 1 range of machines is the basis around which SCAN COIN’s coin sachet solutions are based.

The BDO 1 unit is available as a crank operated totally mechanical machine or as a pneumatically actuated machine dependant upon the end users requirements.

Combined with the well proven SCAN  COIN SC  3003 coin counter sacheting speeds of up to sixty per minute are obtainable using a BDO  1(P)2 twin head machine.

The SCAN  COIN BDO 1 sachet machines benefit from the use of current state of the art inverter and PLC cycle control as well as electronic digital sachet sealing temperature controllers to ensure that security sealed sachets of coin are produced.

In addition, the BDO 1’s and the SC  3003’s have simple user friendly controls allowing the operator to easily select the combination of coin denomination, coin quantity and sachet length that is required.

Choosing the right solution

The ‘Standard’ SCAN COIN coin sachet system can be configured in a number of ways.

‘Single head’ systems :
For simple stand alone applications a system comprising a BDO 1C with a single coin counter is used.

Either of SCAN COIN’s market leading coin counters – SC 3003 or SC 360 can be used, depending on local requirements and coin processing volumes.

‘Twin head’ systems :
In areas where higher productivity and throughput are required, systems using the BDO  1(P)2 sachet machine with a TFCF unit (escrow) and dual SC 3003 will significantly increase sachet production speed.

Twin head systems are normally used on Mini or Three Channel Bullion Packaging Systems.

Accessories for your BDO machine

SCAN COIN provides a range of additional units to support the processing of the coin into the BDO machine and the sachets leaving the unit.

The performance of the Sachet System can be enhanced further with the use of a free-standing coin lift. With an adjustable outfeeding height and a hopper that is capable of holding up to 60,000 coins, the lift can process up to 4,000 coins a minute.

Vertical Bagging Station (VBS)
The purpose of the Vertical Bagging Station is to take the sachets of coin from the BDO 1C and count a preset quantity of sachets into a premade bulk bag.

The VBS is a semi automatic machine and requires the operator to attach and remove the bulk bags. The VBS has positions for two bulk bags.

The VBS is interfaced with the BDO 1C so if the operator fails to remove both bulk bags when they are full this stand alone system will stop until reset. For the high volume bulk coin operator, the bagging station can achieve even greater efficiencies in the cash handling process.


The recommended material for the system is co-extruded laminated film supplied by SCAN COIN.

The benefit of using this material is that the coins are clearly visible making it easier for the user to identify coin value. Perhaps the most important benefit of this, however, is that when sacheting the coin, the film does not need to be changed with every denomination processed.

Coloured and/or pre-printed film can also be supplied if required.

Bullion Pack Systems (BPS)

For high productivity sites, such as main cash centres, central bank locations and minting facilities, SCAN COIN offer an integrated production line solution combining the BDO machine with other equipment to automate the process of bulk coin packaging.

These integrated BPS’s can range from a Mini BPS built around a single BDO 1(P)2 to a full size Three Channel BPS using three BDO 1(P)2’s.

In addition, special bespoke BPS’s, using up to eight BDO 1(P)2’s have been supplied. These bespoke systems can be capable of outputting over 1,000 sachets per hour whilst being managed by only 1-2 people.

Three Channel BPS
Typically a full size Three Channel BPS would consist of a SPFCC bulk coin feed system, allowing loose coin to be delivered to the system via a single entry point.

Three BDO 1(P)2 twin head sachet machines each fitted with two SC 3003 coin counters and a TFCF unit (escrow) would count and sachet the coin.

The filled sachets of coin would exit the BDP 1(P)2 and then be fed into the three channel elevator/conveyor system where at the end of this system the sachets are counted, in preset quantities, into bulk bags which are made on the BDO 3 big bagger bulk bagging machine.

On the output element, a SCAN COIN Check-weigher will provide a quality check for the bulk bag, rejecting any bags out of tolerance. At the same time, the label applicator can print and fix a label giving full production details including time and date of manufacture, bag weight etc.

Finally, a cage loading system can be provided to stack the completed bulk bags automatically into crates or cages for storage or shipping.

Mini BPS
A typical Mini BPS would consist of a bulk coin lift with a split discharge cross feed conveyor feeding two SC 3003’s which would be mounted onto a single BDO 1(P)2 sachet machine feeding it via a TFCF unit.

Filled sachets from the BDO 1(P)2 are fed onto a counter/elevator unit which counts sachets in preset quantities into a BDO 1000 big bagger bulk bagging unit.

The bulk bags from the BDO 1000 can then be further processed in various ways depending on the customer’s requirements.

The flexibility of the Bullion Pack System enables the customer to incorporate the machine in a variety of configurations dependent on the user’s requirements i.e. left to right, right to left or straight line operation. For more information about these bespoke systems please contact SCAN COIN.

Standard Features

For high productivity sites, such as main cash centres, central bank locations and minting facilities, SCAN COIN offer an integrated production line solution combining the BDO machine with other equipment to automate the process of bulk coin packaging.

Robust compact well proven design
Quality components used throughout
Seven pre programmable batch stops for sachet coin quantity (BDO  1C)
Internal conveyor to discharge sachets safely
Fully CE marked
Simple operator controls for single sachet run, empty run of partial sachets, length setting of sachet, start and emergency stop



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